Wednesday, March 27

Created Equal

I decided to show my support of the upcoming decision the Supreme Court is making as best I know how, through sartorial choices.  Street Style over the past few seasons has exploded, with photographers such as Tommy Ton capturing some pretty epic looks during fashion week's around the world.  These are a few he's taken I've found particularly inspiring based on the above color-scheme.

And between you and me, as someone who has worked in the events industry, gay men have the absolute BEST taste when it comes to planning their wedding.  Hands. Down.

Wednesday, March 20

Added Inches

Wedged sneakers became popular just as we saw summer coming to an end last year, and it is of my belief that they'll be back in full force come warmer weather.  With that in mind, I am craving stark white kicks with interesting details, and a few added inches in a secret wedge is nothing but an improvement in my opinion to an otherwise standard sneaker.

With cut-off jean shorts, an epic tan and strawberry banana smoothie in my hand it's the perfect summer vision.  So I'm pretty sure these are one of this seasons must buys.  My boyfriend would totally agree I need yet another pair of shoes too...

Thursday, March 14

Better, Faster, Blonder

It happened.  The other day we got our first glimpse at Spring.  Stark white legs saw the sun for the first time in months and my cars sunroof was finally utilized and rejoiced over more than you know.  I also decided it was the time to go a little blonder.  I don't know if it was the brief glimpse of the weather to come, that I've been back in the south now for a few months or just a desire to start Spring off right but I am kind of obsessed with my new locks along with several of this seasons trends.

Leather done in unexpected ways, lucite-heeled anything, black and white together and last but not least textured/patterned shorts.  Also, these which you've already seen here and which I have already professed my undying love for.  If any of you need a suggestion on birthday presents, well those Brian Atwood's are at the tippy top of my list (obvi...)

XO Case