Friday, December 30

Wish List: Make Up, Make Out

Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner, Ivy Shimmer $24

Yesterday, I ventured out to Lord & Taylor to use a groupon I had scooped up ($25 for $50 worth of merchandise) on some makeup.  I'm obsessed with Bobbi Brown but not with the price tag.  I found this the perfect opportunity to venture out of the box and get some new colors to play with.

Bobbi Brown Blush, Pink Sugar $24

Inadvertently, after purchasing I realized the blush and eye liner are perfect compliments AND turned out to be the perfect NYNYE makeup (look out for pictures to come).  Just like that, $50 well spent.

 Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow, Velvet Plum $21

Unfortunately, the eye shadow I spotted in this most beautiful deep gray plum was over budget but I of course coveted it none the less.  All of these can be purchased online, most department stores carry them as well. 

I hope all of you have a wonderful New Years, be sure to check back in for the big outfit unveil!

XO Lyn

Wednesday, December 28

Act Now

Helpful Hint:  It is not a well known fact, but January happens to be the best time of year to buy both coats and boots on sale.  Major sale.  It isn't January yet, but this Friday I've got a big day of shopping planned and will be on the look out for a fabulous pair of booties that I simply can't live without.

Here are a few inspirations for you to keep in mind.  Good luck, shop till you drop and please, please fill me in on your various purchases.  I love nothing more than living vicariously through others wardrobes.

I spy an Olsen twin (and the most beautiful stark white fur coat)!

XO Lyn

Saturday, December 24

A Christmas Eve Treat

Guiseppe Zanotti Heels

Merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate!  I came across these and simply had to share.  I cannot pass up a great shoe, ever.  In my mind, a good pair is honestly a work of art.  These stunning heels by Guiseppe Zanotti are adorned with three fabulous chiffon flowers which I promise will make your feet the center of attention.  If Sex and the City was still on I absolutely guarantee you Carrie Bradshaw would have sported these in an episode.  

I left the price off these beauties, you don't even want to know.

XO (and a very happy holidays), Lyn

Friday, December 23

Wish List: Cut it Out

Asos, $40

Happy Holidays Readers, however you may be spending your weekend celebrating I hope it's filled with good food, time with your families and fabulous holiday parties.  As my friends know, this is my absolute favorite time of year and as I start to near the countdown I always feel a bit nostalgic that it's almost over.

I spotted this dress while searching for New Years Eve outfits and fell in love with the cut out details.  I can't imagine a more perfect outfit for a night on the town.  LBD's provide you with the opportunity to go crazy with shoes or accessories.  Even on a budget, this dress is too good to pass up and is on my "must purchase" list.  

Sigerson Morrison Booties @ Bloomingdales, $206

These booties can work almost year round, minus the dead of winter.  And even then, I might risk frostbite.  Can you blame me???

XO Lyn

Tuesday, December 20

Seasonal Sparkle: Alternatives

ABS Leggings, $50

Sequined leggings are one of the most fun takes on leggings I have seen yet.  I absolutely guarantee you'll get some major attention next time you go out in a pair of these.  And let's be honest, what girl doesn't love attention?

Robert Rodriguez Top @ Intermix, $249

I am seriously lusting after this top.  It's currently on sale, now if we could just slash another $200 off the price, I'd literally leave mid-post to go purchase.

Asos Top, $55

Zara Blouse, $50

Loving the zipper detail on the side.  It also has a small keyhole in the back, sneakily sexy.

Ivanka Trump heels @ Zappos, $97

Wear these or any colored heel with the black top.

Zara heels, $70

Wear black heels with a colored top.

Kate Spade clutch, $206

Second lust-worthy piece.  Also on sale, still way out of this girls budget.  Obviously still totally adorable.

If you haven't finished your holiday shopping for moi, I've always found Christmas to be an excellent time to ask for something incredibly extravagant I absolutely do not need, but naturally want.

XO Lyn

Friday, December 16

Wish List: Holiday Glam

Chictopia Blouse, $162

Historically, I have never been one to go all out and participate in over-the-top New Years celebrations.  However, as this year will be my first countdown to 2012 in NYC I've decided I must dress accordingly.  In my mind, a New Years outfit including sparkle is a prerequisite.  Don't ask me why, but to me nothing welcomes the new year in quite like the outfit equivalent of a giant disco ball.  That being said, here are a few pieces I'm currently digging for what I have officially dubbed my NYNYE (New York New Years Eve) ensemble.

Baby Phat Jacket, $79

Zara Heels, $129

I think I could give that Times Square ball a run for it's money, don't you agree?

XO Lyn

Tuesday, December 13

Seasonal Sparkle

BCBG blouse, Alice + Olivia Leggings, Coach Shoes, Forever 21 Necklace, JCrew Bangle

While I am the first to admit I have a large abundance of clothing, after moving to New York I have realized how much more I go out now.  Not only is there so many things to do and see, no one can sit in that tiny of an apartment for too long.  You'd go stir-crazy.  I bought these leggings on a whim quite awhile ago, have only worn them once, but once slipping them on have fallen in love all over again.  I think next time though, I'll pair them with my Stuart Weitzman bright purple cut-out pumps.

You know you made a great purchase when a 45 year old man on the street not only compliments them but calls them by their correct term, leggings.  Only in New York.

XO Lyn

Friday, December 9

Wish List: Shearling

Topshop Booties, $75

Happy Friday Readers!  Do you get as excited for TGIF's as I do?  I used to think only the corniest of corny  would ever say that and mean it, but after joining the workforce I am a changed (and cornier) professional.  Don't blame me, blame the nine to five.

Now, not to toot my own horn but usually when I spot and go crazy over a trend it's for a reason.  I promise you I have close to a 93% success rate when it comes to purchasing something and being able to wear it season after season.  And, as these things go I happen to be absolutely obsessed with shearling trimmed booties this year.  Want, so, so badly.

Coach Booties @ Bloomingdales, $165

Via Spiga @ Bloomingdales, $208

My advice: Get on it and ask Santa for a pair of these ASAP.

XO Lyn

Tuesday, December 6

Sand and Sun

As I'm looking out the window of my beautiful New York office at the lights twinkling down below, I can't help but feel just a twinge of sadness.  Being that it's 4:50PM, and currently completely dark outside.

This is a part of the seasons I never got to experience in Texas, and I know it comes with the territory.  But sometimes I need a gentle reminder that sand and sun is out there.  Along with a plethora of vintage inspired swimsuits I plan on making my first summer season purchase.

And balloons.  Tell me a single person that doesn't smile at a balloon bouquet.

Is it bad I'm feeling nostalgic and Winter hasn't even REALLY started?  Oops.

XO Lyn

Sunday, December 4

City Slicker Alternatives

Zara Coat, $129

As I'm coming to realize, not only do I notice when photographed little tweaks I'd make to my outfit to improve (I'm all about continual improvement), but when researching fab finds for you all, I myself find new color combinations and details I can't wait to give a go next photo shoot and/or for a particularly great fashion moment.

I think Cher got it right.  Of course, a la Clueless she was still using polaroids while I myself have a digital camera.  But, if you're ever unsure of a particular outfit... take a photo, then review.  Trust me.

Zara Blouse, $49

I love the boat-neck detail.

Next time, I may try a T of this color

Zara Flat, $70

I myself have always been a heels girl.  I do however acknowledge the fact that not everyone loves dealing with a pinched foot after a few hours.

Pella Moda Booties @ Bloomingdales, $141

For the bold.

Forever 21 Beanie, $6

Forever 21 Sunglasses, $6

TopShop Studs, $20

TopShop Bracelet, $25

TopShop Bracelet, $10  

Love.  This has stocking stuffer written all over it.

TopShop Bracelet, $25

XO Lyn

Friday, December 2

Wish List

Marlene  Birger Handbag @, $595  

I'll be the first to tell you I've never been the biggest handbag person.  I'll take a fabulous shoe over a great purse any day of the week.  But, as of lately I cannot get over the idea of a bag with great gold detailing whether it be a tote, purse or clutch. 

Be&D Chain Link Purse @ Bloomingdales, $278 on sale

H&M Clutch, $25

So many options, how will I ever choose?

XO Lyn