Tuesday, November 29

City Slicker

Anthropologie Beanie, borrowed sunglasses, gifted Theory jacket, gifted Juicy Couture Sweater, J Brand jeans, Calvin Klein pumps

As the Fall Season comes to an end, I can't help but feel like I didn't fully appreciate the changing leaves, cooler but not too cold temperatures and the last few walks I can take around the city without bundling up like an Eskimo. These cargo's have quickly become my new favorite and I couldn't resist scooping up these leopard print pumps a few weeks back at the Bloomingdales Friends and Family Sale.  Whether it be a scarf, clutch or shoe, every girl needs a bit of leopard-print in her life.  

XOXO Lyn & Colette

Friday, November 25

Wish List

As the countdown to Christmas begins, I'm already planning out my gift list and holiday party outfits.  Right now, I'm loving jewel-toned everything.  

Versace for H&M, $199

NYC Union Square Vendor candle holders, $25

As the weather starts to get colder, having bright pieces around the house and incorporated into my outfits will definitely help keep my mood cheerful.  

That, and I'm FINALLY allowed to start getting excited about Christmas!  The To Do list is growing every day.

XO Lyn

Thursday, November 24

Creme de la Creme

Happy Thanksgiving Readers!  As promised, I've scoped out some great alternatives to put a spin on your very own stripes and socks outfit.

After scouring online for a few low-cost options to choose from I naturally found many more things I wanted.  Want, my absolute favorite word.  Or, so the boyfriend tells me.

Well, what do you know.  Looks like this was a popular item, it's back again this year.  American Apparel Dress, $65

Zara Dress, $35

Zara Dress, $60

I love the idea of a big fluffy cream colored sweater dress, cream socks, scarf's, gloves, etc.  I'd love nothing more in the dead of winter than to feel, essentially, like a giant cream puff.  Can you imagine anything cozier???

Forever 21 jacket, $25

Forever 21 scarf, $10.  Although, another fabulous find are street-vendor pashminas for $5 in every color of the rainbow.  I'm slowly building my collection.

Forever 21 knee-high socks, $5

Zara boots, $170

Rayban sunglasses $139  

I had been coveting a pair of these for such a long time and finally bit the bullet.  Worth every penny.

Topshop bracelet, $18

Topshop Bracelet, $30

Topshop ring, $18

Topshop ring, $25

I'd pile on the gold jewelry.  Vintage chunky bracelets, big rings and delicate dangly earrings.  

*le sigh, what is it about the french language that makes any outfit feel more romantic?

XO Lyn

Tuesday, November 22

Stripes and Socks

Dress, American Apparel.  Scarf, Nordstroms brand.  Bomber jacket, tiny boutique off Broadway.  Socks, Macys.  Boots, Coach.  Sunglasses, RayBan

Autumn has to be one of the most inspiring seasons in NYC in terms of fashion.  The possibilities are endless, and I can't tell you how many times I stop and stare at people's ensembles on the street, store windows, Vogue's September issue, etc.    

We went out in the East Village to shoot some of our own fall inspired looks.  This is the first of three outfits, more posts will follow on how you can get a similar look as some of these pieces are no longer available.

Casual Friday anyone?  My suggestion: Wear this on one of those warmer fall days.

On another note, I am absolutely loving knee-high socks right now. 

XO Lyn & Colette

Friday, November 18

Friday Wish List

Readers, I've decided to start a standard Friday Wish List that you'll need to keep your eye out for every Friday.  As the holiday season is fast approaching it felt like the perfect time to keep you all updated on the things I'm lusting after.  As many of my friends will tell you, I'm always lusting after at least one (or 5) thing(s).  Can you blame a girl?

I've been on the hunt for a swishy, romantic pleated accordion skirt.  I'd color-block this orange one with a maroon sweater already in my closet for the perfect fall look. 

Skirt by Topshop, $90

Skirt, Club Monaco $150

Or I'd pair this one with a white beanie and my dark brown faux-army combat boots and the biggest white fluffy scarf I can find.

Hint: Why, what an excellent Christmas present this Club Monaco skirt would make. In case anyone is wondering, I'm a S / Size 2.  

XO Lyn

Monday, November 14


This past Sunday I went to what has become my favorite paper store in NYC.  Kate's Paperie in Soho is somewhat of an indulgence.  Reasonably priced and chock-full of amazing and unique pieces,  I popped in to get a card for my very sweet friend who'd written me a letter this past week and, per usual, loved absolutely everything in the store.  

The entrance to Kate's.  Eye-catching details everywhere you turn.

Whole new meaning to the term 'Wallflower.'  These lined one entire wall of the store.  Great thing about paper flowers?  Lasts forever.

I currently own a light blue recycled leather notebook from Kate's, but once it's filled up this may be my next purchase.  I love the idea of pulling this out, detective style and filling it up with thoughts and... what else, notes.

There were hundreds of cards to choose from.  Recommendation: Do not bring significant other to Kate's unless you bribe them with Mr. Softee or a Dean and Deluca cookie first to keep them occupied.

My final choice.  The friend this is for had a goldfish that stayed with her for 14 years.  After much deliberating, that helped cinch my decision.

I spotted this glittery gold and black wrapping paper on my way out.  I would love, love to wrap all my holiday presents in it this year.  But, I feel inclined to tell you only an experienced wrapper should buy paper like this.  The glitter makes it incredibly difficult to get a good crease.  However, I'm nothing but impractical when it comes to anything remotely related to the holidays.  

I couldn't resist popping into Topshop after, it's literally right next door.  I spotted this LBD with beautiful gold beaded detailing that matched the wrapping paper to a 'T.'  Need your opinion readers: Is showing up to a holiday party in said dress with present wrapped in matching wrapping paper fabulously over the top or too too much?  My first inclination is a little bit of both.

XO Lyn

Thursday, November 10


Don't you find that sometimes inspiration strikes you when you least expect it?  On Monday, I had just bought a new pack of hair-ties.  I always leave two on my wrist in case one breaks, someone needs one, etc.  After groggily waking up Tuesday morning, I threw myself together (including my two customary hair-ties) and was out the door.

In the middle of a mid-morning meeting I look down and realize I've combined a khaki colored hair tie and a royal blue colored hair tie.  And then, inspiration struck.

    Topshop ($76) and Vince ($140 on sale) pants

 Vince Blouse ($100 on sale)

H&M Top ($24)

J.Crew Belt ($65). I love the idea of a big masculine belt paired with a slouchy tucked-in shirt.  The boyfriend has a fabulous one by Cole Haan I fully intend on him letting me borrow. 

Zara shoes ($129).  I've been craving a pair of booties for a month now, this pair may be worth the investment.  It's important to buy a slightly nicer shoe if you live in the cold.  Nothing worse then wet, freezing socks.  AKA wet, freezing toes.

All of this jewelry is from Forever 21, and every single piece is under $5.  If you're feeling extra bold, might I suggest hot pink feather earrings?  I certainly would.
My fashion inspiration of the day.  Looks like the perfect fall outfit, non?  With a black bomber jacket I already have in my closet, a big white scarf and my aviators?  I love feeling inspired.

XO Lyn

Monday, November 7

A little more Zen

Morning, readers.  A little treat for you this Monday.  I've decided I need a bit more zen in my life.  New York is an amazing, indescribable place to live but sometimes one forgets the rest of the world doesn't go nearly as fast, loud nor cramped as we Manhattan and Brooklyn-ites do.

These succulents, which have been planted in re-purposed pumice stones, are an amazing buy for someone who travels frequently (me) and has also managed to kill almost every living plant ever owned (also me).  Succulents require very little water, light and attention.  I'm hoping this means said plant will last longer then essentially every other plant I've purchased in the past.  Fingers crossed and I apologize in advance for any greenery unintentionally harmed.

Having plants around the house/apartment is supposed to be very relaxing, very zen.  I plan on snapping one of these bad boys up the next time I have a chance.  NYC friends, please feel free to comment on how much more patient and calm I seem next time we go out.

XO Lyn

Thursday, November 3

Brooklyn Flea - Part Deux

As promised, the second round of our afternoon at Brooklyn Flea.  There were so many amazing jewelry finds, we went a little overboard.  

Check out that snake choker in the back.  I'd pair it with my crisp button down and slacks for work.  What's the point of dressing for the day if not to throw a little curve ball?  Peaking out of my collar?  Why yes, I think I will.

$5 vintage rings.  How much better do they make my coffee cup look?  Mixing and matching unexpected combinations is half the fun.

Now, I own one of these.

BUT a great alternative are these.  Each one is different, each one is a fraction of the Tiffany's version and each one can be paired with whichever length chain you desire.  Plus, how fab is it to say you scored a vintage key at the Brooklyn Flea market?

And, of course you need somewhere to store all of this new jewelry.  These hand painted boxes were $6 each or 5 for $20.  I love the idea of purchasing a handful and storing all your odds and ends in them.  So adorbs.

XO Lyn&Colette

Tuesday, November 1

Brooklyn Flea - Williamsburg Part 1

This past Sunday afternoon, the two of us headed out to the Brooklyn Flea market down in Williamsburg on the water front to check out if flea markets really are better in New York.  We were not disappointed.

Sorry Boyfriend, won’t be making it to the Saints game this weekend. DARN.

Manhattan from a distance 

It turned out to be a fabulous place to find all things vintage including furniture, jewelry, artwork, etc.  The two of us were like little kiddos in a candy store.  A very reasonably priced candy store, which as you can imagine in Manhattan is tres difficult to find.

Corked vintage jars are a great and unique alternative to their Container store plastic counterparts.  Fill them up with Q-tips, scented bath salts or makeup brushes.  Display on a mirrored or vintage tray.

They also look quite beautiful empty, with the afternoon light shining through.  Arrange on a windowsill for your own personal light show.

Picture these bottles displayed on distressed white shelving along with cook books and your finest vintage plates.  Each time you pass by, it’ll be like stepping back in time to your Grandfather’s workshop. *sigh*, nostalgia

Another fab flea market find is vintage art and frames.  These picture frames were salvaged wood from old boats which the vendor then inserted old reference book pictures from. 

I want these in my bathroom, right this very minute.  You know your house guests would at the very least appreciate the shock value.  And, at $39/each  you appreciate no sticker shock. 

Stay tuned. There were so many amazing finds, this is only Part 1!

XOXO Lyn&Colette