Monday, July 23

Coveted $tyle

I was recently turned onto The Coveteur,  whose website among other things showcase some of the world's most fabulous closets. Need I say more?  I was lucky enough to stumble upon Suzanne Rogers, a philanthropist/"fashion enthusiast"/majorly loaded lady based out of Toronto.  Listen, you can have a lot of money and still not have style, you can have a lot of money and pay someone to style you or you can have a lot of money and just get it.  Mrs. Rogers happens to be the third.

I had to share snapshots of her closet, the woman has MAD, mad taste and a massive amount of dough to invest in it.  She happens to be lucky enough to have "friends" who are designers and gift her one-offs frequently.  Oh, if we could all be so lucky Suzanne.

Alexander McQueen. Dying.  You can see all the rest of her closet here.  All photos C/O The Coveteur.

If we each got to pick our own heaven, mine would pretty much look exactly like this.

Monday, July 16

Brooklyn Charmed

Anthropologie Top (old), DIY Citizens of Humanity Cut-offs, J Crew Belt, Steve Madden Flops (maj old, ebay), Ray Ban Sunnies

A little shopping/exploring Brooklyn Boutiques with a friend this past weekend made me wish I was able to return every single piece of Forever 21/Zara article of clothing I've ever purchased for the most gorgeous, floaty hot pink Tibi  dress.  Unfortunately they both have this "already worn, can't return" policy. Tres annoying.

Bracelet by Moi via Brooklyn Charm

Stumbled upon the cutest jewelry store where you can make your own jewelry.  I will be back.

New store obsession called CatBird.  These little birdy storage thingys are perfect for a knuckle ring I have yet to purchase from there.  How ingenious.

Thanks Williamsburg for the super fun shops.  I had no idea you had more to offer than skinny jeans for men and handle-bar mustaches.

Friday, July 13

Summer Blues

Happy Friday!  Today is a mini lesson in on the hanger vs. on your bod.  I always keep my eye out for specific fabrics and cuts I know accentuate my body well. The boyfriend always used to say there wasn't anything I didn't look good in.  This was before he made me try on a neon paisley-print spaghetti strap jumpsuit at Zara.  Need I say more?  

Anyway, while the above dress doesn't look anything special via online...

See? If anyone of you suddenly feel the urge to get me a little present, well I certainly won't say no.  It's even on sale!

Wednesday, July 11

Gimmi Kiss

Hi everyone, sorry I was MIA.  I was trying to think up a great excuse, but you know what people say about excuses...

Promise this is the last name change, you know how creativity works. Ebbs and flows.  Thanks for staying with me and I can't wait to start digging through Fall fashion.  It'll be here before you know it.  I'm also L.O.V.I.N.G. Lulu Guiness right now, can you blame me?  She has the most darling store in the West Village and I'm afraid if I go to it I won't be able to walk out of there with this little bad boy.  Perfect wedding clutch, in my opinion.

Big kiss, from me to you.