Monday, July 29

On the Lookout

Dress // Shoes // Rings // Shift Dress

From my mouth to your screen, I thought I'd share with you all a few different designers I am majorly crushing on:

Mara Hoffman's eye-catching prints first caught my eye when I stumbled across her swimsuit line and her ready-to-wear dresses and tops are just as stunning.  Her dresses make me feel as if I'm wearing the inside of a kaleidoscope aka awesome-central.  I know very little about Jenni Kayne except that she's found a way to reinvent flats (a style of shoe I usually ignore) in an interesting way, and I love them in suede.  Catbird is my favorite jewelry store of all time, you all can thank me later. Just don't go telling everyone, mkay as it happens to be Brooklyn's best kept secret.  I was first introduced to Michelle Mason's line via Intermix, my very favorite boutique and own the most breathtakingly beautiful blueberry chiffon summer dress by her. I love her simplistic-with-a-twist designs and floaty, effortless fabrics.

So, go out and buy yourself something nice.  Everyone deserved a little Monday pick-me-up.  And in other news, I finally bought that lobster iphone case.  Worth EVERY penny.

Tuesday, July 16

Beach Fix

Hat // Suit // Sandals // Cover Up // Sunnies // Necklace

I've always found it nearly impossible to seamlessly transition from a chic on-the-beach look to a socially acceptable after-beach ensemble and inevitably end up in cutoff shorts, flip flops and whatever baseball cap I have laying around in my beach bag.  Consequently I then end up foregoing the upscale restaurants and cute boutiques I so love.  Obviously this is becoming somewhat of a travesty.  

A pair of classic ray-bans, a floaty chiffon cover-up and floppy straw sunhat to plop on top of what inevitably turns into a rats nest on my head after the sun and salt water get ahold of it seems like such an effortless and easy way to go from a morning spent on the sand to an afternoon walking around my favorite shops.  You all knew that swimsuit was going to make another appearance (after seeing it here), what can I say I am 100% obsessed.  

While this may be a bit much for North Carolina beaches since moving I have found myself wildly overdressed most of the time I go anywhere.  However standing out in the crowd for being fabulous is always preferred over standing out for being slob and my beach wardrobe should be no exception.

Wednesday, July 10

Mars versus Venus

Shirt // Suits // Wedges // Pumps // Lobster

We've all experienced that moment.  The moment when you point out an adorable top or fun pair of shoes only to illicit an unfavorably strong reaction by your significant other.  I've come to find a few trends are universally not understood nor appreciated by my male counterpart.  Such trends include neon in any hue, shoes with futuristic details and swimsuits that leave tan lines of epic proportions.  I can say this with the utmost confidence as the boyfriend has had an extremely discouraging reaction to them all.  But since he's forever been unsuccessful in his quest to persuade me to part with said clothing in question I don't foresee my not purchasing and wearing it far into the future.

This designer I stumbled upon before the start of swimsuit season and have since seen it explode in popularity.  The use of color-blocking, interesting patterns and of course unique edges made me do a double-take at first which is no easy feat in the world of swimwear.  I still remember showing it to the boyfriend like a kid on Christmas morning.  With excitement I pulled up the website, clicked on the suit I loved and turned to him with a hopeful and earnest face.  He glanced briefly, gave me that look (you know that look) and proceeded to point out the most egregious tan lines it would produce.  But I was too far gone, six presents deep with wrapping paper piling up around me and an errant bow stuck in my hair gleefully clapping my hands in delight over the the color-blocking, the flamingos, the zigzags!
What does he know anyway?  He is a man.  The only swimsuit decision he has to make are whether or not his board shorts should tie or velcro.

While there may be certain pieces of women's wardrobe men will never understand, if you find someone that tolerates it I'd say hold on and don't let him go.  Besides, one day this swimsuit will be mine and then I'll really show him.

P.S. You don't even want to know the response I got for the neon lobster iphone case...

Tuesday, July 9

Summer Sale

Charlotte Olympia Sandals$945, jk, jk... $472

There are few things I love more than shoes and when those shoes are heavily discounted, well... all bets are off.  Quite possibly my favorite thing about summer sales is that they happen mid-way through the season which means I have several more months of good wear out of said footware before switching over my closet.  Here are some I am currently craving.

Zara Gladiator Sandals, $40 now $25

Ash Lace Up Sneaks, $230, now $161

3.1 Phillip Lim Wedge Sandal, $495 now $247

I am a firm believer your footware choices are truly an expression of your soul (or sole?).   Mine must be a gluten for punishment as I 100% of the time choose form over function.  But with designers like Charlotte Olympia can you really blame me?