Thursday, October 3

Tongue in Chic

I'm old school, I still bring my lunch to work every day.  Partly because of the lack of options at my place of employment and partly because I would rather spend my money on something more substantial... like a new pair of shoes.

I have never given a second thought to the receptacle with which I carry my lunch into work.  Usually it's just a leftover grocery bag of some sort tied together and carried the few hundred feet from my car to office.  But today, well that went a little differently.  Today as I was walking into work I looked down at said bag in question and thought to myself: "Casey, you are better than this."  

1. Marie Turner - The Picnic Clutch

2. Zara - Basic Messanger Bag

3. See by Chloe - Annette Clutch

4. Jil Sander - Handbag

And you ask, who would carry a $290 lunch bag?  Uhm... hello have we met?

Monday, September 30

On Repeat

Vintage Bomber Jacket  // American Apparel Crop Top // Forever 21 Skirt // Cole Haan Booties // Marc Jacobs Clutch (old) // Ray-Ban Aviators

This shirt has been on repeat the past week, partially because I'm somewhat obsessed with crop tops and also I know my time is limited as the weather starts to turn.  I absolutely love pairing it with every high-waisted skirt in my closet.  All black outfit and obnoxiously orange clutch,  I think I'm inadvertently channeling halloween right now.  Tell me, have you decided on your costume yet?

Sunday, September 22

A few of my favorite things

American Apparel Crop Top // Anthropologie Skirt (old, similar here) // B Brian Atwood Heels (old) // Prada (Frada) Sunnies

There are several pieces in my wardrobe I love but rarely get the chance to wear.  I know when making the purchase that it will spend most of the time hanging in my closet but the pure delight I get from even just seeing it there on the hanger is well worth it.  Looking at it knowing it is mine makes me supremely happy.  Just try being in a bad mood while wearing a giant tutu.  Trust me, it's near impossible.   

Sunday, September 8

Fall Trends: Part Trois

Winter seems the hardest season to showcase the latest trends, must-have accessories and fabulous footwear.  As someone who is perpetually cold, once the temperature drops I become less and less concerned with how I look and more and more focused on how I can function outside without freezing.    This season's answer came to me in various shades of pastels.  There is just something so effortless and striking about throwing on a coat in the softest shade of pink.  And, anything with a three quarter-length sleeve lends the perfect excuse to pick up the most epic pair of attention-grabbing gloves.

1. Zara Masculine Studio Overcoat

2. MaxMara Wool Coat

3. H&M Wool-blend Coat

Confession:  I had to google how to say/spell three in french.  Yikes...

Tuesday, September 3

Fall Trends - Part Deux

Popular with models and various beautiful people, the midi is notoriously hard to wear but when done right, oh it is just oh so good.  I love the volume, glamour and 50's influence in the shape of this skirt.  It makes for such a romantic outfit and absolutely necessitates a heeled shoe to go along with it.  With Summer officially over, the midi is making me incredibly excited for cooler weather.

1. Topshop Skater Skirt

2. Clover Canyon Midi Skirt

3. Topshop Blue Double Slit Midi Skirt  

4. Tibi Silk Failie Skirt

Monday, August 26

Fall Trends - Part Une

After pouring over every September issue I could get my hands on my next several posts will be dedicated to fall fashion trends I'm loving and can't wait to incorporate once the weather starts to turn towards cooler temperatures.  This fall I can't get enough of chunky heeled booties with interesting textures and am worshipping a pair by Tibi in particular.  

1.Tibi  Perla Bootie $575

2. Zara Suede Bootie $89.90

3. Rebecca Minkoff Dalli Bootie $350

4. Jean Michael Cazabat Noni Short Bootie

Thursday, August 22

Fashion Faux Pas

I think Cher really said it best:  "So, ok... I don't want to be a traitor to my generation and all... but I don't get how guys dress today.  I mean come on... it looks like they just fall out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their creasy hair... eww... and cover it up with a backwards cap and like we're expected to swoon?  I don't think so..."

Today friends we are discussing why flip flops are unacceptable footwear and a fashion faux pas I see all too often here in Raleigh.  As previously discussed here you all already know my dislike and disgust towards the dreaded flip flop.  Men of Raleigh, as perfectly illustrated in the above picture please try and drill into your brains that going out in public like that is unacceptable and no one, I repeat no one should think it's something you can leave the house in.  

Whether they be sneakers (not athletic shoes boys), loafers or the most beautiful pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Monk-strap slip-ons all of these are a step in the right direction.  I promise you you'll feel happier, more confident and become much more aware of how you're perceived by others once you start dressing like an adult and not a drunken frat boy crushing PBRs at 11:30am in the morning.