Thursday, October 3

Tongue in Chic

I'm old school, I still bring my lunch to work every day.  Partly because of the lack of options at my place of employment and partly because I would rather spend my money on something more substantial... like a new pair of shoes.

I have never given a second thought to the receptacle with which I carry my lunch into work.  Usually it's just a leftover grocery bag of some sort tied together and carried the few hundred feet from my car to office.  But today, well that went a little differently.  Today as I was walking into work I looked down at said bag in question and thought to myself: "Casey, you are better than this."  

1. Marie Turner - The Picnic Clutch

2. Zara - Basic Messanger Bag

3. See by Chloe - Annette Clutch

4. Jil Sander - Handbag

And you ask, who would carry a $290 lunch bag?  Uhm... hello have we met?