Wednesday, August 22

Monday, August 20

Pants Party

Big news, Fashion Week will be upon us in a mere two weeks.  I've been working my way through all the September issues, determining what is "in" for fall and what I simply can't live with out so stay tuned for several segments on my Fall must-haves.  Number one on my list is pants.  But, not just any pant!  Obnoxiously wide-legged palazzo-inspired pants for fall.  I'm loving the stylish, yet laid back vibe they give off and paired with sky-high heels is so incredibly chic and I think might be more sexy than most of you realize.

RAOUL Flared Tweed Trousers

Go forth and conquer in your wide-leg trousers!  Pack your lunch, slip it in your pants.  You might even be able to fit your makeup case in there, definitely your iphone, ipod, kindle and possibly charger.  Now, question of the day:  Should I pay my September rent, or buy those gucci silk pants?  I'm currently leaning towards the latter.

Saturday, August 18

Green Day

Zara Dress, Anthropologie Belt, Jeffrey Campbell Gladiator Flats

As soon as I saw this dress in Zara this past spring, I knew it was going to be one of my favorite rotating summer pieces.  Especially when I know it's going to be a windy day, the crisscross detailing and floaty hemline of the skirt never fails to just make me feel light and pretty while wearing it.  

Mullet skirts were all over everything this summer.  You know, I can't really resist anything that screams business in the front, party in the back.

Wednesday, August 15

Ocean Drive

Frada Sunnies, BCBG dress (old), Charles David Wedges (old), JCrew Belt (old)

As Summer starts to come to a close (I know, terribly depressing), and Manhattan reminds me how much fun it is to walk through what feels like a bathtub every day I naturally gravitate to the floatiest, airiest pieces in my closet.  I saw this dress years ago, before I actually had any type of income and knew regardless of the price tag it had to be mine.  The blues, greens and teals remind me so much of a tropical ocean I can't help but feel cooler and more relaxed whenever I wear it.  

I nearly died over these Prada sunnies and when walking in Union Square a few days ago, stumbled upon a street vendor and immediately made the decision these bad boys were worth the $5.  The boyfriend coined them my 'Fradas' and since then I've been essentially planning my entire wardrobe around them.  You really can't blame me.

Friday, August 10

Wedding Season

I know Wedding Season typically falls much earlier than I'm now discussing but as I have a few Fall weddings in my future I've had wedding-wear on my mind the past few weeks and I must admit to you all, I am stumped.  I haven't yet had to really think about wedding wear, my first round of friends have just started tying the knot and (between us) I have no idea what to wear.

I mean, let me just shed some light on the questions running through my fashion-raddled brain: White is out, obvi and I feel like black is just too depressing but I don't want to do anything with sequins because that's just too much and may be viewed as kind of obnoxious. but it is Fall so what if it's cold but one is in California and one is in New York so does that mean two different dresses? and how formal are both of them? is the California one less formal than the New York one simply because it is in California ergo forcing the buying of two dresses anyway? and of course I want to show off my best feature (legs) but I don't want to look like a skank and anything too tight is out because that just looks like i'm trying to hard but I definitely want to look good.  so no black, no white, no sequins, needs to be fallish, needs to work for west coast and east coast, can't be too tight, want it to show off my legs..

I mean, CHRIST.  It's kind of exhausting and I haven't even given one single thought about shoes.  So, I found this today at Bloomies:

With maybe these:

But, I need your help.  I mean, I don't know people what do you think???