Friday, April 27

Wish List

There are "Investment Pieces" and there are "investment pieces."  Both deserve quotations.  Any article of clothing over the average month rent qualifies for bunny ears.  I was turned onto this designer by one of my favorite bloggers.  The prints speak for themselves and the cut looks like absolute perfection.  Enjoy :)

I want.  I need.  I love.


Tuesday, April 24

A Very Sparkly Birthday

Hello everyone!  Did you think I had disappeared?  My apologies for the lack of posting as of late, it's been a busy few weeks with the jobby job.   This past weekend I celebrated my birthday in true New York fashion by going out to dinner here and here.  Both were truly fantastic, the latter of which I will definitely be going back to in the future.

I wore a rented (that's right) dress by Nicole Miller and picked up these pink, suede heels from Zara to match.  If you've never heard of it Rent The Runway is a company in which you can rent designer dresses for a fraction of the cost.  And for someone on such a budget as myself proved the perfect alternative to buying.

I'd also like to take this moment to pat myself on the back.  I think I may have purchased the most impractical shoes in my entire life.  Are they comfortable?  Well, just look at them.  What do you think?  A true fashion over form moment.  Love it.


Monday, April 9

To Sweet to Eat

Leave it to Marie Claire, China to combine my love of fashion with my newfound job in food.  And, look-y there, the fashion world is just as obsessed with Louis Vuitton as I am.  I fell in love with the whimsical feel of this editorial spread, it is the perfect accoutrement to the warmer weather.

I am 100%, completely embracing all things Spring.  Pastel nails, pastel shoes, pastel hair ties!  Le Sigh, I hear my poor bank account crying out in vain.  Hmmm pastel ear plugs?

Cotton Candy hair.  Good enough to eat.

Well, dye my hair pink and put it in a big bouffant!  Anyone got some whipped cream lying around?

XO Lyn