Friday, March 30

Wish List

Happy Friday Readers!  I have a rather extravagant wish list I've put together for you all today.  Sometimes, a girls gotta dream big.  And yes, you read correctly that purse is more than the average persons monthly rent.  But, isn't it adorable????  I'd feel like the most whimsical Snow White carrying that around, if Snow White were blond of course.  She'd of looked better as a blond anyway.

I'm obsessed with these.  And since I work in Brooklyn now, I feel like these would help me fit in with the neighborhood better.  That is, until everyone finds out I'm walking around in $770 kicks...  My god, I really need to win the lottery.

XO Lyn

Tuesday, March 27

Let's get Shortys

The weather reared it's ugly head this week to remind us New Yorkers that spring is not yet officially here.   However, I refuse to give in.  Mother Nature may not be cooperating with me on my quest to pull out all my colorful spring clothing but similar to how I get about the holidays after thanksgiving, there is now no turning back.

Have you ever noticed how many fun names there are for shorts?  Hot pants, daisy dukes, knickers! Actually I think knickers is another term for underware, but I digress.  Similar to the explosion of colored and patterned denim, I am loving deciding which pair will become a spring/summer staple.

And the Piece de Resistance.  I am obsessed with these Alice and Olivia hot pink hot pants.  Trust me, they look even better in person.  I've only made a point to stare at them every single time I go into Bloomingdales.  Actually trying them on would be too great a testament to my willpower.

XO Lyn

Friday, March 23

Wish List

Pardon my major Spring Fever, but I thought it would be a perfect excuse to bring you all up to speed on the classic trench.  Behold Burberry, the holy grail of trench coats.  I have been lusting after one of these bad boys for as long as I can remember, the cut is really just absolutely impeccable.  I'm sure you think I'm cray,  but in my defense my Uncle has had one of these for probably close to 15 years and it is still in fabulous shape and really simply timeless.  See, so that equates to only $.02 a day.  Save for 15 years and you two can be the lucky owner of one of these!  I've got about $2 in change in my wallet, why I'm practically halfway there.

For those of you unable to shell out a little over $1G right now, I found a few great alternatives.  Particularly one from Zara I will definitely be checking out this weekend.  

Now... I just need it to rain.

XO Lyn

Wednesday, March 21

Spring Awakening

Happy Hump Day my friends!  I thought I'd share with you a fashion moment I was having yesterday that I could not have been more excited about (feel free to judge me and my penchant for getting over-enthusiastic about outfits).  

Behold, I give you SPRING!  According to my calendar yesterday was the first official day of spring and I celebrated it in my very favorite Michael by Michael Kors heels, a darling green H&M pencil skirt and one of my very favorite Theory peplum tops.  You can't tell by the above photo, but Peplum is huge this spring.  Two of my very favorite bloggers seen here and here are rocking the heck out of it. Don't worry, I'll be repeating this outfit several times in the coming weeks (I ain't ashamed, if it's just too good one must share with the world) and promise a panoramic view at some point.

For this and more, check out my instagram account (CKorinchock) that I'm now permanently obsessed with...

XO Lyn

Tuesday, March 20

Wedding Season

As some of you may know (most of you do not) I very recently had a quarter-life crisis and ended it on a positive note with a brand-spanking-new job.  I've started working at a fabulous Catering and Events company out in Williamsburg and can't be more excited about the creative jeans I finally get to put on. 

If you're ever out on Bedford Ave, check out Radish.  It is the most adorable little carry-away store, and the aesthetic is one of the best I've ever seen.    Today, I thought I'd share with you some of the research I was doing the other day.  Behold: I give you the dessert table.

I'm trying to think of something better than an entire  table full of sugar... Still thinking...  Okay, maybe a pair of shoes to match.

XO Lyn

Friday, March 16

Wish List

Zara Slim Pop Fabric Trousers $80

It's time to hop on the colored denim train!  It is literally taking all of my will power to not pop out of work for a "doctors appointment" AKA trip to Soho and purchase a pair of my very own.  Luckily for moi, I have a birthday coming up and you can bet your sweet, sweet stems a pair of these is going to be on it.    

However, I REFUSE to put a pair of coral-colored denim on here.  I know it is a very popular color this spring.  So popular, in fact that literally every single person on the planet is going to be wearing them.  Listen, I love coral just as much as the next person but picture this: You're in a bar.  So are 15 other girls.  They are all wearing coral pants (this may be a slight exaggeration but you get the point).  

Coral pants = bad.  Neon yellow pants = want.

DL 1961 Angel Ankle Legging Jeans in Key Lime

Zara Super Stretch Tie-Dye Jeans $50

 Forever 21 Destroyed Skinny Jeans $22.80

XO Lyn

Tuesday, March 13

Spring Back

I'm over-the-moon, 100% obsessed with Prada's Spring 2012 1959 Cadillac-inspired flaming heels.  I'm sorry I'm not sorry that I love them.  They look like one of the most impractical pairs of shoes I have ever seen, which is probably why I'm so naturally drawn to them.  Have you ever seen a more perfect St. Patty's Day shoe?  My personal motto is to have a shoe for every single occasion.  And can you imagine anything more fabu than matching your shoes to your beer?  I think not my dearest readers, I think not.

XO Lyn

Sunday, March 11

A New Era

As you may have noticed, the bloggy-blog has undergone a bit of a name change.  What was once Look Rich, Love Poor is now A Four-Faced Blond.  What the F is a Four-Faced Blond you may ask?  I've always considered myself a bit of a conundrum; I love fashion, mani/pedis, flowers and gossip but I also love the gym, soccer, doing pull-ups and generally beating boys at any sport or physical activity.  We all have different sides and one of mine just happens to be not brushing my hair on the weekends.  So, on that note I give you a little treat this Sunday and a special request that you now put in your website favorites

I want Dinosaur jewelry.  I have no earthly idea how these adorable little buggers popped into my head but I do hope you adapt better to change than the dinosaurs did.  The blog is not extinct, merely evolving.  Okay, enough with the science shit.  Go buy some dinosaur paraphernalia.  

All Dinos found on

XO Lyn

Friday, March 9

Wish List

To get the weekend started on a cheery note, I thought I'd share with you all today a wish list comprised of eye-blinding, sunglasses-inducing Neon.  I am L.O.V.E.I.N.G. this trend right now.  Obsessed with incorporating it into a Spring outfit somehow.  A few suggestions: 

1. Don't go overboard.  Neon is loud and a little goes a loonnnngggg way.
2. Don't spend a ton-o-dough.  I simply cannot see this trend lasting through the ages
3. That's really it, I just think lists with only two bullets look quite silly...


Happy Friday Neon Day!

XO Lyn

Tuesday, March 6

Flower Power

Behold!  I give you the genius that is Marc Jacobs.  I've literally seen the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 Runway collection in more magazine editorials than I can even count at this point.  MJ never, never fails to impress me with fresh new looks every season and I am absolutely in love with this entire collection.  Consider me 100% obsessed.  Bravo Mr. Jacobs, bravo.

The pastels, the prints, the SHOES.

Listen, I might even trade my first born in for a pair of these (In a size 7.5, if you're so inclined).  I literally think they are the single most fabulous thing I have ever seen.  And yes, a pair of shoes such as these usually drives me to such dramatics.  That and I'm always immediately drawn to anything that looks like it's guaranteed to be wildly uncomfortable.

All photos C/O fashiongonerouge

XO Lyn

Friday, March 2

Wish List

Before a few months ago, I had never even considered being the type of girl that wears lipstick.  Maybe I was intimidated, maybe I thought it was for old ladies, maybe I just wanted one less thing to have to worry about adding to my make-up routine... who knows?  I actually however have the boyfriend to thank for getting me into the wonderful world of lipstick (I know, how impressed are you with the boyfriend??)  He kept pushing me to try a super sexy red.  After much psshawing and brushing him off I finally thought: Well... WHY not?  I haven't looked back since.  

MAC Amplified Watch Me Shimmer

A bold lipstick is a fabulous way to mix up any outfit.  I prefer to swipe a ton of chapstick on before applying, something about the texture of lipstick kind of skeeves me out.  My grand total of two lipstick purchases have both been MAC.  They're only $14.50 each (which is on the low-end) and for some reason (snob-alert) nothing skeeves me out more than cheap lipstick.  I thought this stuff a happy medium between drug-store and Chanel. 

For those of you unsure if you'll ever wear it, I hear Revlon is a fabu alternative for first-time lipstickers.  A big thanks to the boyfriend for helping me realize how much I was truly missing.  A life without lipstick is a sad, sad thing.  And, I've decided orange-y coral is a major on my ever-growing wish list.

XO Lyn