Thursday, November 24

Creme de la Creme

Happy Thanksgiving Readers!  As promised, I've scoped out some great alternatives to put a spin on your very own stripes and socks outfit.

After scouring online for a few low-cost options to choose from I naturally found many more things I wanted.  Want, my absolute favorite word.  Or, so the boyfriend tells me.

Well, what do you know.  Looks like this was a popular item, it's back again this year.  American Apparel Dress, $65

Zara Dress, $35

Zara Dress, $60

I love the idea of a big fluffy cream colored sweater dress, cream socks, scarf's, gloves, etc.  I'd love nothing more in the dead of winter than to feel, essentially, like a giant cream puff.  Can you imagine anything cozier???

Forever 21 jacket, $25

Forever 21 scarf, $10.  Although, another fabulous find are street-vendor pashminas for $5 in every color of the rainbow.  I'm slowly building my collection.

Forever 21 knee-high socks, $5

Zara boots, $170

Rayban sunglasses $139  

I had been coveting a pair of these for such a long time and finally bit the bullet.  Worth every penny.

Topshop bracelet, $18

Topshop Bracelet, $30

Topshop ring, $18

Topshop ring, $25

I'd pile on the gold jewelry.  Vintage chunky bracelets, big rings and delicate dangly earrings.  

*le sigh, what is it about the french language that makes any outfit feel more romantic?

XO Lyn

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