Sunday, December 4

City Slicker Alternatives

Zara Coat, $129

As I'm coming to realize, not only do I notice when photographed little tweaks I'd make to my outfit to improve (I'm all about continual improvement), but when researching fab finds for you all, I myself find new color combinations and details I can't wait to give a go next photo shoot and/or for a particularly great fashion moment.

I think Cher got it right.  Of course, a la Clueless she was still using polaroids while I myself have a digital camera.  But, if you're ever unsure of a particular outfit... take a photo, then review.  Trust me.

Zara Blouse, $49

I love the boat-neck detail.

Next time, I may try a T of this color

Zara Flat, $70

I myself have always been a heels girl.  I do however acknowledge the fact that not everyone loves dealing with a pinched foot after a few hours.

Pella Moda Booties @ Bloomingdales, $141

For the bold.

Forever 21 Beanie, $6

Forever 21 Sunglasses, $6

TopShop Studs, $20

TopShop Bracelet, $25

TopShop Bracelet, $10  

Love.  This has stocking stuffer written all over it.

TopShop Bracelet, $25

XO Lyn

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