Friday, December 30

Wish List: Make Up, Make Out

Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner, Ivy Shimmer $24

Yesterday, I ventured out to Lord & Taylor to use a groupon I had scooped up ($25 for $50 worth of merchandise) on some makeup.  I'm obsessed with Bobbi Brown but not with the price tag.  I found this the perfect opportunity to venture out of the box and get some new colors to play with.

Bobbi Brown Blush, Pink Sugar $24

Inadvertently, after purchasing I realized the blush and eye liner are perfect compliments AND turned out to be the perfect NYNYE makeup (look out for pictures to come).  Just like that, $50 well spent.

 Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow, Velvet Plum $21

Unfortunately, the eye shadow I spotted in this most beautiful deep gray plum was over budget but I of course coveted it none the less.  All of these can be purchased online, most department stores carry them as well. 

I hope all of you have a wonderful New Years, be sure to check back in for the big outfit unveil!

XO Lyn

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