Monday, August 20

Pants Party

Big news, Fashion Week will be upon us in a mere two weeks.  I've been working my way through all the September issues, determining what is "in" for fall and what I simply can't live with out so stay tuned for several segments on my Fall must-haves.  Number one on my list is pants.  But, not just any pant!  Obnoxiously wide-legged palazzo-inspired pants for fall.  I'm loving the stylish, yet laid back vibe they give off and paired with sky-high heels is so incredibly chic and I think might be more sexy than most of you realize.

RAOUL Flared Tweed Trousers

Go forth and conquer in your wide-leg trousers!  Pack your lunch, slip it in your pants.  You might even be able to fit your makeup case in there, definitely your iphone, ipod, kindle and possibly charger.  Now, question of the day:  Should I pay my September rent, or buy those gucci silk pants?  I'm currently leaning towards the latter.

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