Tuesday, July 9

Summer Sale

Charlotte Olympia Sandals$945, jk, jk... $472

There are few things I love more than shoes and when those shoes are heavily discounted, well... all bets are off.  Quite possibly my favorite thing about summer sales is that they happen mid-way through the season which means I have several more months of good wear out of said footware before switching over my closet.  Here are some I am currently craving.

Zara Gladiator Sandals, $40 now $25

Ash Lace Up Sneaks, $230, now $161

3.1 Phillip Lim Wedge Sandal, $495 now $247

I am a firm believer your footware choices are truly an expression of your soul (or sole?).   Mine must be a gluten for punishment as I 100% of the time choose form over function.  But with designers like Charlotte Olympia can you really blame me?

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