Sunday, September 8

Fall Trends: Part Trois

Winter seems the hardest season to showcase the latest trends, must-have accessories and fabulous footwear.  As someone who is perpetually cold, once the temperature drops I become less and less concerned with how I look and more and more focused on how I can function outside without freezing.    This season's answer came to me in various shades of pastels.  There is just something so effortless and striking about throwing on a coat in the softest shade of pink.  And, anything with a three quarter-length sleeve lends the perfect excuse to pick up the most epic pair of attention-grabbing gloves.

1. Zara Masculine Studio Overcoat

2. MaxMara Wool Coat

3. H&M Wool-blend Coat

Confession:  I had to google how to say/spell three in french.  Yikes...

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