Saturday, October 29

Mac Attack

MAC Zoom Lash has been my go-to mascara for as long as I can remember.  I've tried several other kinds across the mascara spectrum in terms of cost and function (yes, I do consider there to be a mascara spectrum).  I had to see what the big fuss was over Maybelline's 'Great Lash.'  You know which one, the pink and green container?  Was terribly disappointed.  I've tried that crazy one by Givenchy whose wand looked like a powder puff.  I always come back to this.

Not only is it still a pretty good deal for $16, but MAC also promotes recycling.  Now, those of you who wear mascara every day, at about the three month mark you have to replace.  Seriously, replace it.  It gets gross.  Bring in 6 of these bad boys, along with any other used eyeshadow, lipgloss or lipstick container and you get an eyeshadow, lipgloss or lipstick of your choosing for FREE!  As my good friend Derrick always says: "Free?  My favorite flavor."



MAC Zoom Lash is more of a 'high-drama' creamy mascara.  It comes in both black and brown and I can tell you with confidence it does in fact last all day and feels very light.  

A company that makes a great mascara, recycles and gives me free stuff?  I think yes.


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