Tuesday, November 1

Brooklyn Flea - Williamsburg Part 1

This past Sunday afternoon, the two of us headed out to the Brooklyn Flea market down in Williamsburg on the water front to check out if flea markets really are better in New York.  We were not disappointed.

Sorry Boyfriend, won’t be making it to the Saints game this weekend. DARN.

Manhattan from a distance 

It turned out to be a fabulous place to find all things vintage including furniture, jewelry, artwork, etc.  The two of us were like little kiddos in a candy store.  A very reasonably priced candy store, which as you can imagine in Manhattan is tres difficult to find.

Corked vintage jars are a great and unique alternative to their Container store plastic counterparts.  Fill them up with Q-tips, scented bath salts or makeup brushes.  Display on a mirrored or vintage tray.

They also look quite beautiful empty, with the afternoon light shining through.  Arrange on a windowsill for your own personal light show.

Picture these bottles displayed on distressed white shelving along with cook books and your finest vintage plates.  Each time you pass by, it’ll be like stepping back in time to your Grandfather’s workshop. *sigh*, nostalgia

Another fab flea market find is vintage art and frames.  These picture frames were salvaged wood from old boats which the vendor then inserted old reference book pictures from. 

I want these in my bathroom, right this very minute.  You know your house guests would at the very least appreciate the shock value.  And, at $39/each  you appreciate no sticker shock. 

Stay tuned. There were so many amazing finds, this is only Part 1!

XOXO Lyn&Colette

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