Monday, November 7

A little more Zen

Morning, readers.  A little treat for you this Monday.  I've decided I need a bit more zen in my life.  New York is an amazing, indescribable place to live but sometimes one forgets the rest of the world doesn't go nearly as fast, loud nor cramped as we Manhattan and Brooklyn-ites do.

These succulents, which have been planted in re-purposed pumice stones, are an amazing buy for someone who travels frequently (me) and has also managed to kill almost every living plant ever owned (also me).  Succulents require very little water, light and attention.  I'm hoping this means said plant will last longer then essentially every other plant I've purchased in the past.  Fingers crossed and I apologize in advance for any greenery unintentionally harmed.

Having plants around the house/apartment is supposed to be very relaxing, very zen.  I plan on snapping one of these bad boys up the next time I have a chance.  NYC friends, please feel free to comment on how much more patient and calm I seem next time we go out.

XO Lyn

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