Thursday, November 10


Don't you find that sometimes inspiration strikes you when you least expect it?  On Monday, I had just bought a new pack of hair-ties.  I always leave two on my wrist in case one breaks, someone needs one, etc.  After groggily waking up Tuesday morning, I threw myself together (including my two customary hair-ties) and was out the door.

In the middle of a mid-morning meeting I look down and realize I've combined a khaki colored hair tie and a royal blue colored hair tie.  And then, inspiration struck.

    Topshop ($76) and Vince ($140 on sale) pants

 Vince Blouse ($100 on sale)

H&M Top ($24)

J.Crew Belt ($65). I love the idea of a big masculine belt paired with a slouchy tucked-in shirt.  The boyfriend has a fabulous one by Cole Haan I fully intend on him letting me borrow. 

Zara shoes ($129).  I've been craving a pair of booties for a month now, this pair may be worth the investment.  It's important to buy a slightly nicer shoe if you live in the cold.  Nothing worse then wet, freezing socks.  AKA wet, freezing toes.

All of this jewelry is from Forever 21, and every single piece is under $5.  If you're feeling extra bold, might I suggest hot pink feather earrings?  I certainly would.
My fashion inspiration of the day.  Looks like the perfect fall outfit, non?  With a black bomber jacket I already have in my closet, a big white scarf and my aviators?  I love feeling inspired.

XO Lyn

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