Friday, January 6

Wish List: Fur Real

Christian Louboutin, $1,549

For me personally, I honestly can't wish bigger than a pair of Christian Louboutins.  I may or may not even say the mans names with reverence, you have to give the guy the utmost respect if you're as big of a shoe whore as I happen to be.  Don't worry, it may sound weird to those who don't understand but I've come to terms with it.

While I love faux fur as much as the rest of them, I do admit I've never been opposed to the real deal.  PETA would have my head.  It goes without saying this beautiful pair of Louboutins is so far out of my price range it's almost laughable, but I have found a few luxuriously furry items if you happen to feel like treating yourself with that Christmas cash.

Elton John, in the most fabulous white fur hat.  You must admit, the man made it work.  As soon as I'd put one of these on, I always feel like I should be jetting off to some fabulous city in Russia.  So, so fun.

Rabbit Fur Fingerless gloves @ Intermix, $98

TopShop Jacket, $170

Happy Fur or Faux-fur hunting.  

XO Lyn

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  1. Remember, Russia is a country..Oops misread the info..wasn't wearing my glasses