Friday, February 17

Wish List

Have I mentioned I'm going to Miami?  Let me know when it gets to be too obnoxious, but you cannot blame me for having beach on my mind.  I was turned onto this swimsuit line called Anika Brazil by a co-worker and very good friend of mine.  I have been looking and lusting after tribal-inspired swimsuits for probably about two years now, don't ask me why I have yet to purchase one.  Usually I'm just much more tempted by shoes.  The designer, Nicole recently launched this line and I'm obsessed with the cut, colors and ability to mix and match pieces in her entire collection seamlessly.  You all know I can't resist that color blue as it is.

Don't these make you wish you had a bikini for every day of the week?  (All photos c/o Anika Brazil)

XO Lyn

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