Tuesday, March 27

Let's get Shortys

The weather reared it's ugly head this week to remind us New Yorkers that spring is not yet officially here.   However, I refuse to give in.  Mother Nature may not be cooperating with me on my quest to pull out all my colorful spring clothing but similar to how I get about the holidays after thanksgiving, there is now no turning back.

Have you ever noticed how many fun names there are for shorts?  Hot pants, daisy dukes, knickers! Actually I think knickers is another term for underware, but I digress.  Similar to the explosion of colored and patterned denim, I am loving deciding which pair will become a spring/summer staple.

And the Piece de Resistance.  I am obsessed with these Alice and Olivia hot pink hot pants.  Trust me, they look even better in person.  I've only made a point to stare at them every single time I go into Bloomingdales.  Actually trying them on would be too great a testament to my willpower.

XO Lyn

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