Friday, March 23

Wish List

Pardon my major Spring Fever, but I thought it would be a perfect excuse to bring you all up to speed on the classic trench.  Behold Burberry, the holy grail of trench coats.  I have been lusting after one of these bad boys for as long as I can remember, the cut is really just absolutely impeccable.  I'm sure you think I'm cray,  but in my defense my Uncle has had one of these for probably close to 15 years and it is still in fabulous shape and really simply timeless.  See, so that equates to only $.02 a day.  Save for 15 years and you two can be the lucky owner of one of these!  I've got about $2 in change in my wallet, why I'm practically halfway there.

For those of you unable to shell out a little over $1G right now, I found a few great alternatives.  Particularly one from Zara I will definitely be checking out this weekend.  

Now... I just need it to rain.

XO Lyn

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