Sunday, March 11

A New Era

As you may have noticed, the bloggy-blog has undergone a bit of a name change.  What was once Look Rich, Love Poor is now A Four-Faced Blond.  What the F is a Four-Faced Blond you may ask?  I've always considered myself a bit of a conundrum; I love fashion, mani/pedis, flowers and gossip but I also love the gym, soccer, doing pull-ups and generally beating boys at any sport or physical activity.  We all have different sides and one of mine just happens to be not brushing my hair on the weekends.  So, on that note I give you a little treat this Sunday and a special request that you now put in your website favorites

I want Dinosaur jewelry.  I have no earthly idea how these adorable little buggers popped into my head but I do hope you adapt better to change than the dinosaurs did.  The blog is not extinct, merely evolving.  Okay, enough with the science shit.  Go buy some dinosaur paraphernalia.  

All Dinos found on

XO Lyn

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