Tuesday, March 13

Spring Back

I'm over-the-moon, 100% obsessed with Prada's Spring 2012 1959 Cadillac-inspired flaming heels.  I'm sorry I'm not sorry that I love them.  They look like one of the most impractical pairs of shoes I have ever seen, which is probably why I'm so naturally drawn to them.  Have you ever seen a more perfect St. Patty's Day shoe?  My personal motto is to have a shoe for every single occasion.  And can you imagine anything more fabu than matching your shoes to your beer?  I think not my dearest readers, I think not.

XO Lyn

1 comment:

  1. I share your obsession. I, too, have drunk the Prada sandal Kool-Aid, and I'd gladly spend a month's rent on them if it weren't for that small problem of homelessness. Sigh. I guess life is full of trade-offs...