Friday, March 2

Wish List

Before a few months ago, I had never even considered being the type of girl that wears lipstick.  Maybe I was intimidated, maybe I thought it was for old ladies, maybe I just wanted one less thing to have to worry about adding to my make-up routine... who knows?  I actually however have the boyfriend to thank for getting me into the wonderful world of lipstick (I know, how impressed are you with the boyfriend??)  He kept pushing me to try a super sexy red.  After much psshawing and brushing him off I finally thought: Well... WHY not?  I haven't looked back since.  

MAC Amplified Watch Me Shimmer

A bold lipstick is a fabulous way to mix up any outfit.  I prefer to swipe a ton of chapstick on before applying, something about the texture of lipstick kind of skeeves me out.  My grand total of two lipstick purchases have both been MAC.  They're only $14.50 each (which is on the low-end) and for some reason (snob-alert) nothing skeeves me out more than cheap lipstick.  I thought this stuff a happy medium between drug-store and Chanel. 

For those of you unsure if you'll ever wear it, I hear Revlon is a fabu alternative for first-time lipstickers.  A big thanks to the boyfriend for helping me realize how much I was truly missing.  A life without lipstick is a sad, sad thing.  And, I've decided orange-y coral is a major on my ever-growing wish list.

XO Lyn

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