Monday, July 23

Coveted $tyle

I was recently turned onto The Coveteur,  whose website among other things showcase some of the world's most fabulous closets. Need I say more?  I was lucky enough to stumble upon Suzanne Rogers, a philanthropist/"fashion enthusiast"/majorly loaded lady based out of Toronto.  Listen, you can have a lot of money and still not have style, you can have a lot of money and pay someone to style you or you can have a lot of money and just get it.  Mrs. Rogers happens to be the third.

I had to share snapshots of her closet, the woman has MAD, mad taste and a massive amount of dough to invest in it.  She happens to be lucky enough to have "friends" who are designers and gift her one-offs frequently.  Oh, if we could all be so lucky Suzanne.

Alexander McQueen. Dying.  You can see all the rest of her closet here.  All photos C/O The Coveteur.

If we each got to pick our own heaven, mine would pretty much look exactly like this.

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  1. I want the first one. Well, really all of them, but mostly the first one. Shoes kill me.