Saturday, January 5

Burgundy Blues

Ray-Ban Sunnies, Vintage Scarf, Theory Coat (old), Intermix gloves, Zara skinnies (sold out but similar here), Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag

Christmas is over, depression has set in.  I can handle and deal with the blistering cold and icy winter winds in December when such weather means Christmas is upon us and the cold makes it feel just a tad bit more magical with the odd snow flurry.  Now dead trees litter the sidewalk and decorations are a thing of distant memories.  The magic is gone and I'm left trying any and everything to make myself feel better.  Which, at this point means wearing as many of the new clothes and accessories I've gotten for Christmas all at once in a single outfit. 

The bag was my Christmas present from the boyfriend.  A+ boyfriend.

So, tell me everyone what do you do to cheer yourself up after the holiday season comes to an end?

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