Tuesday, July 16

Beach Fix

Hat // Suit // Sandals // Cover Up // Sunnies // Necklace

I've always found it nearly impossible to seamlessly transition from a chic on-the-beach look to a socially acceptable after-beach ensemble and inevitably end up in cutoff shorts, flip flops and whatever baseball cap I have laying around in my beach bag.  Consequently I then end up foregoing the upscale restaurants and cute boutiques I so love.  Obviously this is becoming somewhat of a travesty.  

A pair of classic ray-bans, a floaty chiffon cover-up and floppy straw sunhat to plop on top of what inevitably turns into a rats nest on my head after the sun and salt water get ahold of it seems like such an effortless and easy way to go from a morning spent on the sand to an afternoon walking around my favorite shops.  You all knew that swimsuit was going to make another appearance (after seeing it here), what can I say I am 100% obsessed.  

While this may be a bit much for North Carolina beaches since moving I have found myself wildly overdressed most of the time I go anywhere.  However standing out in the crowd for being fabulous is always preferred over standing out for being slob and my beach wardrobe should be no exception.

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