Monday, July 29

On the Lookout

Dress // Shoes // Rings // Shift Dress

From my mouth to your screen, I thought I'd share with you all a few different designers I am majorly crushing on:

Mara Hoffman's eye-catching prints first caught my eye when I stumbled across her swimsuit line and her ready-to-wear dresses and tops are just as stunning.  Her dresses make me feel as if I'm wearing the inside of a kaleidoscope aka awesome-central.  I know very little about Jenni Kayne except that she's found a way to reinvent flats (a style of shoe I usually ignore) in an interesting way, and I love them in suede.  Catbird is my favorite jewelry store of all time, you all can thank me later. Just don't go telling everyone, mkay as it happens to be Brooklyn's best kept secret.  I was first introduced to Michelle Mason's line via Intermix, my very favorite boutique and own the most breathtakingly beautiful blueberry chiffon summer dress by her. I love her simplistic-with-a-twist designs and floaty, effortless fabrics.

So, go out and buy yourself something nice.  Everyone deserved a little Monday pick-me-up.  And in other news, I finally bought that lobster iphone case.  Worth EVERY penny.


  1. You bought a lobster iPhone case?? Get out of town!

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