Monday, November 14


This past Sunday I went to what has become my favorite paper store in NYC.  Kate's Paperie in Soho is somewhat of an indulgence.  Reasonably priced and chock-full of amazing and unique pieces,  I popped in to get a card for my very sweet friend who'd written me a letter this past week and, per usual, loved absolutely everything in the store.  

The entrance to Kate's.  Eye-catching details everywhere you turn.

Whole new meaning to the term 'Wallflower.'  These lined one entire wall of the store.  Great thing about paper flowers?  Lasts forever.

I currently own a light blue recycled leather notebook from Kate's, but once it's filled up this may be my next purchase.  I love the idea of pulling this out, detective style and filling it up with thoughts and... what else, notes.

There were hundreds of cards to choose from.  Recommendation: Do not bring significant other to Kate's unless you bribe them with Mr. Softee or a Dean and Deluca cookie first to keep them occupied.

My final choice.  The friend this is for had a goldfish that stayed with her for 14 years.  After much deliberating, that helped cinch my decision.

I spotted this glittery gold and black wrapping paper on my way out.  I would love, love to wrap all my holiday presents in it this year.  But, I feel inclined to tell you only an experienced wrapper should buy paper like this.  The glitter makes it incredibly difficult to get a good crease.  However, I'm nothing but impractical when it comes to anything remotely related to the holidays.  

I couldn't resist popping into Topshop after, it's literally right next door.  I spotted this LBD with beautiful gold beaded detailing that matched the wrapping paper to a 'T.'  Need your opinion readers: Is showing up to a holiday party in said dress with present wrapped in matching wrapping paper fabulously over the top or too too much?  My first inclination is a little bit of both.

XO Lyn

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