Friday, March 16

Wish List

Zara Slim Pop Fabric Trousers $80

It's time to hop on the colored denim train!  It is literally taking all of my will power to not pop out of work for a "doctors appointment" AKA trip to Soho and purchase a pair of my very own.  Luckily for moi, I have a birthday coming up and you can bet your sweet, sweet stems a pair of these is going to be on it.    

However, I REFUSE to put a pair of coral-colored denim on here.  I know it is a very popular color this spring.  So popular, in fact that literally every single person on the planet is going to be wearing them.  Listen, I love coral just as much as the next person but picture this: You're in a bar.  So are 15 other girls.  They are all wearing coral pants (this may be a slight exaggeration but you get the point).  

Coral pants = bad.  Neon yellow pants = want.

DL 1961 Angel Ankle Legging Jeans in Key Lime

Zara Super Stretch Tie-Dye Jeans $50

 Forever 21 Destroyed Skinny Jeans $22.80

XO Lyn

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