Thursday, January 17

Saying Goodbye

This past weekend, my very last weekend in New York was spent doing my favorite things.  Drinks with friends, brunch, shopping and I am embarrassed to say my very first visit to The Met.  

New York is one of those magical places I've found most people either love as much as I do or are baffled by how anyone can live there (let alone actually like it).  But, I must tell you, where else are you going to find a store that sells only hand-made stamps that also happens to carry your namesake, a bar that kicks you out at 10:00pm to make way for a party that includes one very large and custom-created ice luge, breathtaking original Van Gogh paintings, an H&M dress that looks suspiciously like a certain designers S/S 13' show at about 1/25th of the price and cookies the size of your face? 

I will miss you very, very much but can't wait for what's ahead.  Oh, and follow my instagram @ckorinch where you'll find most of the photos above, but you know in cooler filters and sometimes purposefully blurry edges.

XO Case

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  1. NOOOOOO DON'T LEAVE!!! New York (and I) will miss you!